Data Protection Statement
To the extent possible, use of the offerings and services is available without the entry of personal information. In the case that personal data (such as name, address, or email address) is collected on this site, the collection always occurs voluntarily and serves only the purpose stated on the corresponding page. This may occur, for example, if you contact us or place an order. This data will only be forwarded to a third party when necessary, the transfer of order information to distributors for example, in order to fulfill an agreement. You have the right to withdraw your acceptance at any time, effective in the future.
Usage data is generated every time you visit the website. This data is stored for security purposes and may allow for identification (e.g. IP address, date, time, and sites visited). The data will only be evaluated in order to get to know user behavior and to create statistics. It will not be evaluated in relation to individual users. We reserve the right to statistically evaluate anonymized data sets.
If you request that we do not use your data to get in touch with you in the future and/or you request that we delete your data, we will comply with your request. Data that is absolutely necessary in order to fulfill an agreement or for trading purposes is not affected by a cancelation or deletion.

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