Quality management

Quality and ecological awareness are just as important for employees of Dress Werkzeuge GmbH & Co. as the carefully and consistently controlled production processes. The high requirement standards expected by sectors such as the automobile industry from their suppliers set the bar for us.


Quality management is a leadership task and therefore the duty of all levels of management.

Quality Awareness

The quality awareness of all employees is geared towards error prevention. For this reason, analyses for the early detection of errors are also carried out.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is an integrated part of all processes from development to acquisition, order fulfillment and production all the way to technical client advising.

Ongoing Improvement of Business Practices

The constant improvement of all processes is one of the most important tasks of Dress Tools. This includes careful handling and sparing use of resources.

Customer Satisfaction

The satisfaction of the customer is our highest goal and our motivation. Fulfilling client needs such as quality, delivery reliability, advising, and service is of the greatest importance.

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Quality and reliability since 1969

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